MAINTENANCE MANAGER @ City Base Entertainment - San Antonio, TX


  • As an City Base Entertainment facility maintenance manager, you’ll ensure the best possible out-of-home entertainment experience available. You’ll make daily, weekly and monthly inspections of the theatre that could result in routine maintenance and repairs. By routine we mean painting, carpentry and plumbing, etc. Plus, fixing concession equipment, seats and any related building components. You’ll also train the theatre’s facility assistant, who helps you with these duties.

  • Develop routine systems to guarantee constant monitoring of critical areas in theatre

  • Complete necessary repairs and schedule any repairs with vendors as needed

  • Report facility problems that can’t be immediately repaired to the General Manager

  • Provide constant attention to all safety issues, ensuring theatre emergency systems are operational through regular inspections and review of vendor maintenance contracts

  • Observe, direct and follow-up with janitorial service provider about cleaning duties

  • Manage the theatre’s variable operating expenses for maintenance, repairs and supplies

  • Uphold City Base Entertainment ‘s high standards and deliver entertaining company-wide programs

  • As a facility maintenance manager at City Base, you’ll also be required to demonstrate:

  • Solid mechanical skills and manual dexterity

  • Intermediate proficiencies in building trades such as painting, wallpapering, plumbing, fixing seats and repairing equipment

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills to clearly describe building issues to supervisors/colleagues

  • Extreme attention to detail to perform and document facility inspections

  • Proficient guest service, administrative and follow-up skills

  • Safe use of all cleaning materials in the theatre

  • Experience safely completing tasks with tools, ladders and lifts