LVN/LPN - COVID-19 Testing @ ARC Healthcare LLC - Oxnard, CA

LVN/LPN - COVID-19 Testing

Job Purpose
The Licensed Vocational Nurse/Licensed Practice Nurse (LVN/LPN) provides clinically competent delivery of quality medical care services, within their scope of practice, required during COVID-19 testing events. The LVN/LPN is responsible for collecting specimens for COVID-19 testing and ensuring adherence to infection prevention and control policy and procedures by all test site staff members during COVID testing operations.
  • Works with the EOA on test site set-up with respect to location of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donning and doffing station location and placement of workstations and test participant traffic flow to ensure adherence to infection control policy.

  • Conducts temperature checks for all event staff prior to the start of the event.

  • Advises EOA of test team members with temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit or greater and reports onset of COVID symptoms or fever during test site operations.

  • Maintains proper use of required PPE, which will be provided

  • Supervises and guides non-clinical staff regarding donning and doffing of PPE.

  • Consistently models appropriate donning and doffing PPE and maintains social distancing from other test team staff at all times while on the test site. Serves as an example to all test site staff.

  • Monitors test site staff activities and proximity to ensure maintenance of social distancing in accordance with infection prevention and control policy.

  • Notifies EOA of breaches of infection control policies.

  • Presents a pleasant and professional demeanor to fellow test site staff members, test participants and customer representatives at all times.

  • Ensures identity of test participant matches test specimen vial.

  • Collects COVID specimens and maintains specimens in appropriate storage container until courier collection of specimens, maintaining strict compliance with infection prevention and control processes.

  • Instructs and supervises test participants during collection to ensure collection of an adequate specimen.

  • Answers clinical questions related to COVID-19 asked by test participants.

  • Completes all assigned required clinical training provided, on time, and completes competency/proficiency examination, as scheduled.

  • Attends clinical meetings hosted by the OptumServe Health Services Provider Education team.

  • Serves as first responder to test participants who have medical needs while on the test site while waiting for emergency response team.

  • This list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented and changed as necessary

This role is patient facing and requires working in a non-traditional clinical setting. It is also customer facing with high expectations for operational excellence, particularly for maintaining strict infection prevention and control practices. Test site may be located inside or outside. The noise level is moderate and there is a potential for exposure to infectious diseases and blood-borne pathogens. Hours may vary based on location, patient volume, and business needs.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Unrestricted license as an LVN/LPN in the state where performing COVID testing

  • Experience working on a solutions-based team

  • Excellent social and therapeutic communications skills

  • Strong knowledge of infection prevention and control measures

  • Subject to outdoor weather conditions

  • Comply with rapid onboarding, background check, paperwork and fit testing protocols

  • Comfortable working with supplied PPE, and possible exposure to COVID-19