Facilities Maintenance Manager @ DPI Specialty Foods - Ontario, CA

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Summary: The Facility Maintenance Manager leads, directs and manages facility maintenance personnel and oversees general repairs to DPI’s interior and exterior facilities, warehouse and office areas. This includes planning and creating budgets work force planning, interviewing and hiring and working with DPI personnel to ensure scheduling of the work force meets daily demands, overseeing security and cleanliness in operations under their management. The Facility Maintenance Manager also is responsible for conducting training and ensuring compliance with certifications, wage/hour laws, union rules and regulations, local state and federal food safety regulations and OSHA compliance throughout the managed facilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop, create and manage the processes and KPIs associated with the maintenance and repair of DPI’s interior and exterior (Dry and Cold Storage) facilities.

  • Use interpersonal and communication skills to motivate the work force, relay growth opportunities, drive execution of policies and implement corrective measures if necessary to ensure productivity levels are met.

  • Analyze DPI KPIs to develop protocols, policies, forecast employment needs and trends and create budgets.

  • Generate, use and document standard or adhoc reports to monitor operations, report objectives, through puts and KPI’s according to DPI protocols and procedures.

  • Nurture and develop relationships with outside parties including vendors and customers to provide cost effective solutions and expedite DPI services.

  • Interview and collaborate with HR in the hiring and termination of personnel.

  • Protect DPI’s facility maintenance staff and employees by creating Personal Protective Equipment policies, providing training and monitoring wage/hour law compliance, assuring compliance with OSHA and union rules and regulations, and monitors compliance with, local state and federal food handling regulations over multiple facilities

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage and be aware of transportation fleet equipment maintenance.

  • Maintain clean work environment, may include picking up trash or cleaning spills

  • May perform other duties may be assigned to fulfill DPI’s objectives

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: The employee must have proficient knowledge of English and basic math skills. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. The employee must have a minimum of 3-5 years’ maintenance experience. Refrigerator/ Freezer facility experience required. The employee must be proficient in MS Office applications specially Excel. Oracle software experience is preferred. Must be proficient in use of Oracle within 90 days of hire. Experience with computer based timekeeping programs is preferred. Power industrial truck certification and trainer eligibility is required.

Work Environment: The work environment is typically indoors (dry and cold storage). On occasion, will perform outside work and would be exposed to local weather conditions. The floors may be concrete in the warehouse, vinyl or carpet on the interior and cement or asphalt outside the facility.

Work Hours: Approximately 5/8 work scheduled. Monday-Friday with a 7 AM start time. May be required to work extended hours, holidays and/or weekends. Must be available at all times and shifts to respond to emergencies as a first responder.

Physical and Mental Demands: Medium. Exerts 20 to 50 lbs. of force occasionally. This job also requires frequent standing and walking. Frequent use of the upper extremities is required to reach, grasp, handle and use, tools, parts, equipment and machinery. The employee must know and follow proper safety protocols, DPI grooming, hygiene and dress code requirements; know and apply principles and protocols for plumbing, electricity and air compression systems to perform preventative maintenance and minor repairs; know how to read and interpret schematics, blue prints, drawings, instructions and diagrams; has the ability and knowledge to troubleshoot diagnose and plan solutions for equipment and structure repair.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Oversees the activities of the Facilities Maintenance personnel.

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