Building Code Compliance Officer @ City of Margate, FL - Margate, FL

Building Code Compliance Officer

General Statement of Job

This is skilled investigative, technical and administrative work in the enforcement of the City Code of ordinances, building codes, zoning code regulations, and property maintenance standards ordinance. Responsibilities include investigation, research, documentation and enforcement of City codes and ordinances. Position involves both technical and administrative duties in the office setting, field inspections, enforcement and review work of significant difficulty and responsibility. Duties include inspecting new and existing buildings, structures and properties on a regular basis to ensure compliance with applicable City codes, ordinances, statutes, and regulations governing occupational licenses; initiating correspondence regarding code compliance issues; and, maintaining accurate code inspection records and reports, and presenting cases at both the Special Magistrate and Code Enforcement Board Hearings. Additionally, candidate will proper building permits are obtained and the investigation of un-licensed contractor activity. Work involves considerable public contact and requires the ability to deal with public relations issues in a professional, tactful and courteous manner. Essential Functions

The following duties and functions, as outlined

herein, are intended to be representative of the type of tasks performed within

this position. They are not listed in

any order of importance. The omission of

specific statements of the duties or functions does not exclude them from the

position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this

description. Other duties may be

required and assigned.

Work within the geographical boundaries of the City

investigating complaints of violations of zoning code, minimum housing code and

other property maintenance ordinances.

Prepare notices working with mail merge, BCPA database

and City"s HTE system to mail to rental properties.

Maintain database of notices, inspections, results,

licenses issued, and properties that are non-compliant.

Interview property owners, tenants and complainants to

determine nature of violations.

Recommend measures for correcting violations.

Prepare reports and maintain records of work


Issue Written Warnings, Summonses to Appear, and

Parking Citations.

Appear before the Code Enforcement Board, and Special Magistrate

or County Court as necessary.

Conduct inspections in assigned area for violations of

City ordinances.

Compiles and maintains documents and information

requested by the Building Department Director or designee in the conduct of

official business.

Responsible for maintaining all active and inactive


Performs a variety of essential record keeping duties,

maintains filing systems and department record keeping.

Operates various office equipment including computer,

printer, copy machine, telephone system, facsimile machine, calculator, etc.

Researches public records for property ownership, liens and other legal


Meets with residents in person and answers telephone calls related to

their cases.

Perform other miscellaneous duties when needed, ie: desk officer, school

crossing guard.

Performs related duties as required. Minimum Training and Experience

Must attain a High school diploma or GED. Must

attain a valid Florida Driver"s License. Must have customer service experience.

Must be proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). HTE

experience preferred. Possess Fundamentals of Code Enforcement (formerly Level

I) Certification from F.A.C.E. F.E.M.A. - NIMS Certifications or must obtained

within one year of employment.

Bi-lingual preferred. Minimum Qualifications to Perform Essential Functions

0 - Physical Requirements:

Tasks involve frequent walking, standing, bending, stooping; some

lifting and carrying objects of light to moderate weight (10 - 20 pounds).

Data Conception:

Requires the ability to compare and/or judge the readily observable,

functional, or composite characteristics (whether similar to or divergent from

obvious standards) or data, people, or things.

Interpersonal Communications:

Requires the ability to speak and/or signal people to convey or exchange

information. Includes giving and

receiving instructions, assignments and/or directions.

Language Ability:

Requires the ability to read a variety of materials relevant to

government, legal and city administration operations.


Requires the ability to draw valid conclusions in task processing and


Verbal Aptitude:

Must communicate efficiently and effectively in standard English. Must speak in poise, and voice control.

Numerical aptitude:

Requires the ability to add subtract, multiply and divide.

Form/Spatial Aptitude: Requires the ability to

inspect items for proper length, width and shape, and visually read various


Motor Coordination:

Requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes accurately in

handling, sorting, and filing documents.

Manual Dexterity:

Requires the ability to utilize a variety of modern office

equipment. Must have minimal levels of

eye/hand/foot coordination.

Color Discrimination: Requires the ability to

differentiate between colors or shades of color depending on specific


Interpersonal Temperament:

Requires the ability to deal effectively with people in both giving and

receiving instructions. Must be able to

perform duties when confronted with individuals acting under stress.

Physical Communication:

Requires the ability to talk and/or hear: (talking: expressing or exchanging information by means

of spoken words; hearing: perceiving

nature of sounds by ear).


Requirements: Tasks require frequent exposure to adverse

environmental conditions. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Minimum housing code standards.

Building construction; State, County, and Municipal Zoning Codes; City

Ordinances; Building Department procedures.

Clerical and administrative work.

Basic office equipment e.g. computers, printers, copy machines,

scanners, telephone systems, calculators, facsimile machines, etc.

Functions and operations of department activities.

Principles and techniques of customer service skills.

A variety of standard office equipment, including windows-based

computers, their use and application.

Interpret site plans, maps, and legal descriptions.

Understand and follow oral and written instructions; express ideas

accurately, clearly and effectively.

Write legibly, keep records and prepare reports.

Access, operate and maintain various software applications.

To attend all board meetings including evenings.

Work on rotating schedule including nights and weekends.

Handle a heavy workload and deal with emergency situations.

Knowledge of report and record keeping principles and techniques.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with

supervisor, support staff and

other departments position interacts with.

Ability to organize and review work for efficient results and


Ability to handle a multitude of diverse tasks simultaneously while

maintaining an attention to detail

for the purpose of ensuring accuracy in task performance.

Ability to drive a passenger vehicle safely and locate addresses in

the community. Disclaimer

The City of Margate, Florida, is an

Equal Opportunity Employer. In

compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S. C. 12101 et.

seq.), the City of Margate will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified

individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current

employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer. The physical demands described are

representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform

the essential functions of this job. Application Special Instructions