Senior Software Engineer - Racing @ FanDuel - Los Angeles, CA

Senior Software Engineer - Racing

13 days ago

FanDuel Group is a world-class team of brands and products all built with one goal in mind — to give fans new and innovative ways to interact with their favorite games, sports, teams, and leagues. That's no easy task, which is why we're so dedicated to building a winning team. And make no mistake, we are here to win, but we believe in winning right. That means we'll never compromise when it comes to looking out for our teammates. From our many opportunities for professional development to our generous insurance and paid leave policies, we're committed to making sure our employees get as much out of FanDuel as we ask them to give.

FanDuel Group is based in New York, with offices in California, New Jersey, Florida, Oregon and Scotland. Our brands include:

  • FanDuel — A game-changing real-money fantasy sports app

  • FanDuel Sportsbook — America's #1 sports betting app

  • TVG — The best-in-class horse racing TV/media network and betting platform

  • FanDuel Racing — A horse racing app built for the average sports fan

  • FanDuel Casino & Betfair Casino — Fan-favorite online casino apps

  • FOXBet — A world-class betting platform and affiliate of FanDuel Group

  • PokerStars — The premier online poker product and affiliate of FanDuel Group

Our roster has an opening with your name on it
We're looking for passionate & experienced technologists, strong communicators and those with a commitment to continuous improvement. The ideal candidate will have the confidence to propose pragmatic solutions to complex problems and be eager to learn from and educate others. As a senior software engineer, you will work in empowered, multidisciplinary teams, autonomously tackling complex challenges that provide the very best experiences and products for a growing community of millions of players. You will own and become subject matter experts of areas of product and technology stack and will be the go to person for those areas. You thrive on technological advancement of the team and always working towards it's improvement.


Everyone on our team has a part to play
You are a significant and autonomous contributor. Your work is consistently of high quality. You solve difficult problems, applying appropriate technologies and best practices. You work with your team to invent, design and build software that is stable and performant. You are proficient in a broad range of design approaches and know when it is appropriate to use them and when it is not. Your solutions are pragmatic. You consider the legacy of the code you produce and write code that an SDE unfamiliar with the system can understand. You limit the use of short-term workarounds. You do things with the proper level of complexity the first time (or at least minimise incidental complexity). You create flexible software without over-engineering. You make appropriate trade-offs, re-use where possible, and are judicious about introducing dependencies. You are efficient with resource usage (e.g., system hardware, database, memory/CPU, etc).

  • You work in project ideas with customers, stakeholders, and peers.

  • You own parts of product and technology & become subject matter experts.

  • You write simple and extendable code following standards and best practices. You test your code thoroughly

  • You help balance customer requirements with the team requirements.

  • You help your team evolve by actively participating in the code review process, design discussions, team planning, and ticket/metric/COE reviews.

  • You classify, store, and handle data in accordance with FanDuel policies.

  • You track security risks and mitigate and/or escalate them in a timely manner.

  • You focus on operational excellence, constructively identifying problems and proposing solutions.

  • You take on projects and make software enhancements that improve the team software and processes.

  • You work to resolve the root cause of complex problems, leaving software better and easier to maintain than when you found it.

  • You are able to train new team-mates on how your team's software is constructed, how it operates, how secure it is, and how it fits into the bigger picture.

  • You foster a constructive dialogue and seek resolutions in a professional way.

  • You help recruit and interview for your team.

  • You estimate stories/tasks accurately and deliver them in time.

  • You mentor and help to develop others.

  • On-call rotation where required. You provide excellent customer support.

  • You keep yourself up to date with market standards, open-source frameworks.

  • Most importantly, you are; humble, pragmatic, self-managed, thirsty for knowledge, never satisfied and always challenging the norm. Responsible for the state of the code you both inherit and produce


What we're looking for in our next teammate

  • Degree in Computer Science, related field, or equivalent work experience.

  • If specialised in backend, proficient in following:
    • Writing distributed, highly scalable and available backend systems & APIs using Java and/or Python or similar programming languages.

  • Proficient working with relational, non-relational databases, messaging queues and concurrency.

  • Familiarity working with GraphQL and push (Web Sockets) based architectures.

  • If specialised in frontend, proficient in following:
  • Integrating frontend Apps with Analytics systems (e.g. Amplitude).

  • Release process of native apps on AppStore and web apps on production systems.

  • Proficient in a broad range of data structures and algorithms.

  • Experience working with cloud-based infrastructure and technologies, preferably AWS.

  • Understating of containers (e.g. Docker), and orchestration (Kubernetes).

  • Passion to automate your work by using scripting languages e.g. Shell scripts.

  • Strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive.

  • Demonstrated abilities driving operational excellence and best practices.

  • Demonstrated experience in shipping high quality products and services.

  • Able to communicate technical concepts simply and successfully, to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Maintains relationships with other disciplines and stakeholders.

  • Experience writing functional tests.

  • Familiarity working in an Agile environment.


We treat our team right

Competitive compensation is just the beginning. As part of our team, you can expect:

  • An exciting and fun environment committed to driving real growth

  • Opportunities to build really cool products that fans love

  • Mentorship and professional development resources to help you refine your game

  • Flexible vacation allowance to let you refuel

  • Hall of Fame benefit programs and platforms

FanDuel Group is an equal opportunities employer. Diversity and inclusion in FanDuel means that we respect and value everyone as individuals. We don't tolerate bias, judgement or harassment. Our focus is on developing employees so that they reach their full potential.