Risk Manager @ Kedren Community Health Centers - Los Angeles, CA

This position is supervised by the Director of Quality Management. The health care risk manager performs a variety of duties related to managing potential risks and liabilities within Kedren Community Health. This includes creating and implementing policies that improve both patient care and employee safety. Educating and training staff about potential risks is also a core responsibility of this job. The risk manager may also work with the hospital's legal counsel in situations of medical malpractice or with Human Resources in workers' compensation claims. Health care risk managers work daily with other staff to assess potential risks. They may take phone calls about patient complaints or accusations of abuse or negligence. Data is also collected and is accessed to identify problems or weaknesses in hospital procedures. The health care risk manager must further draft and submit accident reports to the appropriate persons and agencies. The Risk Manager is responsible for remaining knowledgeable and current on standards and regulations from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Department of Mental Health (DMH); and other applicable bodies promulgating standards and regulations that potentially impact Kedren Community Health. The Risk Manager also provides education to the staff regarding the Risk Management policies and procedures.
A bachelor's degree in a field related to healthcare Risk Management. Some common degrees may include health care or hospital administration, insurance, law, nursing or other medical field.
A minimum of 3 - 5 years of experience working in a health care setting such as a hospital or community-based clinic are required.
A minimum of a basic understanding of both state and federal healthcare regulations is preferred.
Knowledge of hospital policies and procedures.
Ability to plan, develop, implement, direct, coordinate and evaluate the Risk Management Program.
Knowledge of the theories, principles, practices of behavioral health, and health care delivery is preferred, but not required.
Knowledge of various job-related computer programs and applications: Excel, Access, Statistical data programs, etc.
Professional writing skills needed to compile special reports to State Agencies, Accrediting, and Regulatory Agencies.
Ability to communicate effectively and maintain effective working relationship with a full range of health professionals, paraprofessionals, consumers, clients, and the general public.
Certification as a Professional in Healthcare Risk Management is preferred.
A positive attitude and friendly demeanor are required.
· Typical duties of a health care risk manager include analysis of the financial risks to an organization, disaster recovery planning, emergency incident management, site safety and security, patient safety, identification of required insurance coverage, and ongoing assessment of potential risks to an organization due to theft, fraud, and medical provider errors.
· Provides coordination, direction, organization, planning, management, and training of the Risk Management Program.
· Develops specific methods for tracking and trending data that allow departments and work teams to track performance over time. Assists with data collection, analysis, and evaluation necessary to develop corrective action plans that address any indicators that fall below targets of performance.
· Participates in the development of strong orientation processes and content to help assure that staff understands their role in managing risk in their job function.
· Establishes and implements standards, policies/procedures/protocols, and relevant to accreditation, legal aspects of care, Safety, and Risk Management.
· Monitors and co-leads Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and monitors incident reporting as it relates to hospital safety standards and activities. Maintains Excel spreadsheet for complaints and creates graphs of aggregate information.
· Incumbent acts as subject matter expert and advises others in the process of collecting & analyzing data relevant to Risk Management.
· Coordinates & participates in Mock surveys and the development of any required action plans. Assists with the coordination & compilation of reports for annual Internal & External drills.
· Participating member of QAPI, Executive Leadership Team, Infection Control, EOC Safety and New Employee Orientation.
Job Type: Full-time
  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance
  • 8 hour shift
Work Location:
  • One location
Work Remotely:
  • No