Certfied Nursing Assistant for Non-Critical COVID-19 Unit @ College Hospital Costa Mesa - Costa Mesa, CA

Certfied Nursing Assistant for Non-Critical COVID-19 Unit

Psychiatric hospital in Orange County is looking to hire Certified Nursing Assistants (12 hour shifts)

At least one year of inpatient psychiatric experience


STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The nursing assistant is responsible to the immediate supervisor for providing safe, direct care for an assigned group of patients by nursing process to implement and individualized nursing plan for care for each patient. The nursing assistant will promote a positive work environment so the quality patient care and constructive staff attitudes are facilitated. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

QUALIFICATIONS Certified as a nursing assistant in California or nursing student beyond the first year. Prefer experience and training as a nursing assistant in an acute care hospital. Must be physically capable of delivering all aspects of patient care. Ability to assess the age specific needs of adolescents, adults and geriatrics. BCLS required. Management Assaultive Behavior (MAB) is required within 90 days of hire. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

PHYSICAL DEMANDS Frequent walking, standing, bending, and reaching. Lifting up to 100 pounds. Pulling and pushing up to 180 pounds. Corrected vision and hearing to a normal range. Finger dexterity. Frequent exposure to stressful situation. Constant public and patient contact. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

WORKING CONDITIONS Constant exposure to noise. Occasional exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Occasional exposure to chemicals and general cleaning agents. Shift hours may vary dependent upon the department needs to include weekends and holidays. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

MAJOR TASKS, DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (All duties listed below are essential to the job.)

* General Staff Accountabilities  Employee’s conduct conforms to the Mission, Vision, Values, and Code of Conduct of College Hospital.  Values individual differences and demonstrates sensitivity to the cultural needs of others.  Respects the rights, privacy and property of others, and maintains strict confidentiality.  Effectively protects all health information from unauthorized access per HIPAA regulations and all applicable local and state laws.  Maintains required certification/license in a timely fashion.  Exhibits good attendance and punctuality.  Provides appropriate notice prior to vacation/time off and notifies supervisor a minimum of two hours prior to shift when unable to come to work.  Observes allotted break and meal periods as prescribed by Hospital Policy and follows time card procedures by accurately writing in and out.  Attends to personal affairs to avoid any interference with productivity.  Adheres to the Dress Code.  Demonstrates an understanding of their personal role in the case of fire/disaster and participates in Performance Improvement activities.
 Functions with an awareness of patient safety issues and applies basic principles of safety as identified within the facility.  Follows the occurrence reporting policy and procedure in reporting any potential safety issues.

* Job Specific Accountabilities  Always records and/or reports to the Charge Nurse or registered nurse any treatments, results, observations, patient complaint, and other pertinent information regarding the condition of patients.  Demonstrates an awareness and understanding of patients needs for comfort and safety. Follows through accurately to provide patients with good patient care.  Assists and accompanies patient in the admission, transfer, and discharge process while assuring comfort and safety, performs and documents patient admission data correctly.  Regularly assists patient according to proper body mechanics.  Always provides for patient privacy.  Provides for patient safety.  Performs all duties in an independent manner with little or not need for direct supervision.  Responsible for the completion of all assignments in a timely manner and without interference to the quality of work.  Demonstrates the ability to adapt to changes in the work load or patient assignments.  Demonstrates ability to perform in crisis and emergency situations.  Demonstrates knowledge of Infection Control and isolation procedures. Strictly adheres to policies and procedures as outlined in the departmental manuals.  Demonstrates knowledge of the importance of identifying the patient with his/her arm band before any treatment, procedures, or dietary servings.  Regularly consults with other nurses in obtaining further information on patient care procedures.  Recognizes unsafe acts or conditions and takes action immediately and seeks guidance and direction as necessary for successful performance of duties.  Recognizes and responds to priorities in the patient care process.  Always maintains confidentiality of all patient, hospital, or physician related information. Respects the rights, privacy and property of others.  Performs other duties as assigned.

* Customer Service  Exhibits behavior that is courteous, compassionate, polite, friendly, and respectful towards patients, visitors, physicians, and co-workers and extends self to make patients, visitors, clinical staff, and peers feel welcome and respected.  Facilities patient care through effective communication. 1. Communicates patient conditions/care changes to charge nurse, supervisor, medical staff and other team members. 2. Completes shift reports and documentation in a timely manner. 3. Anticipates and is prepared to present information to patients and families regarding plan of care. 4.Responsible for accurate, complete and individualized documentation of patient assessment, goals, plan of care, interventions and care provided, as well as patients progress towards discharge goals
 Develops and maintains therapeutic and effective relationships with patient/ family and the health care team. 1. Demonstrates team spirit and readily offers assistance to team members. 2. Establishes effective working relationships with colleagues, physicians and health care teams. 3. Demonstrates involvement with patients and families in care. 4. Demonstrates honest and direct view of peers with an effort to influence change positively. 5. Tactfully handles difficult situations resolving differences in a constructive manner. 6. Demonstrates and reinforces professional behavior in self and colleagues
 Delegates care appropriately. 1. Adapts to changing clinical situations and delegates team members appropriately and ensures completion of tasks. 2. Determines work priorities and make assignments according to patient acuity staff knowledge of age group and competency level
 Participates in Shared Governance/Participative Leadership. 1. Actively participates in unit/service level committee/task force. 2. Participates with manager and fellow associates in defining, implementing and evaluating unit goals. 3. Promotes change to meet unit needs.
 Demonstrates awareness of unit/service budget. 1. Actively participates in cost effectiveness initiatives, seeks opportunities to eliminate inappropriate and wasteful use of resources. 2. Articulates unit budgetary principles such as equipment charging and staffing ratios
 Demonstrates awareness of unit and service guidelines related to staffing and scheduling. 1. Follows scheduling guidelines and demonstrates flexibility in order to meet unit and patient needs
 Demonstrates behavior that supports a culture based on innovation, openness, integrity, trust and mutual respect. 1. Acknowledges the unique contributions to each individual. 2. Thinks broadly when seeking new ways to improve performance, processes and service. 3. Creates an environment of continuous improvement. 4. Tries new approaches and takes appropriate risks. 5. Seeks and utilizes best practices. 6. Strives to be open, flexible supportive and adaptable to change. 7. Seeks opportunities to facilitate change and encourages others to do the same. 8. Responds resourcefully to new demands and challenges. 9. Maintains a constructive, positive outlook amidst change and uncertainty 10. Contributes positively to create and maintain a healing healthy work environment.
 Demonstrates commitment toward customer satisfaction and patient advocacy. 1. Participates in performance improvement plans with nurse manage/ customer satisfaction enhancement activities. 2. Individualizes the healthcare environment to meet diverse needs of the patient and family. 3. Utilizes existing reporting channels of communication to initiate steps to promote patient advocacy. 4. Demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction through active participation in satisfaction enhancement activities. 5 Promotes healing by helping the patient/family cope by providing appropriate referrals, as needed. 6. Follows through on customer dissatisfaction issues in a timely manner.
 Maintains Ethical Standards. 1. Requests consultation from expert resources as needed for problem resolution. 2. Intervenes with the team members regarding incompetent/unsafe/unethical care practices and informs nurse manager of situation. 3. Serves as patient advocate and support the patient's / significant others right of selfdetermination.
 Adaptability and Shaping Change - Serves as a catalyst for change in support of the CHCM mission, vision values and goals: respond resourcefully to change in direction, priorities, schedules approaches and responsibilities to further the common good. * Demonstrate high energy and positive attitude in the face of a difficult or challenging situations; provide an uplifting and realistic outlook on the opportunities the future may present
 Communication - Clearly, honestly and respectfully present ideas, information and viewpoints both verbally and in writing and encourages others to do the same. Listens actively and seeks to understand others: Listens carefully and attentively; responds to issues raised by others in a timely manner; keeps others informed about things that affect them
 Continuous Learning - actively seeks or creates opportunities for learning to develop stronger personal and professional skills. Demonstrates genuine intent to develop other thought coaching, mentoring and delegating: *Accepts the challenge of unfamiliar assignments *Demonstrates a curiosity towards learning and practices self- development *Seeks feedback to ensure accurate self- assessment and constructively uses feedback from others; takes time for reflection and focus on new skills
 Focus on Service - Develop and maintain strong relationship by identifying, anticipating the meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of people we serve and people whom we serve. Views each interaction as unique opportunity to serve others. * Views his or her work from the others point of view with a focus on body mind and spirit * Respond to others in a timely compassionate manner to ensure satisfaction, comfort and quality care *Demonstrates concern and takes appropriate action for the welfare and safety of all *Recognizes the inherent goodness in all people
 Decision Making - Consistently, and in a timely fashion choose the best course of action (from a number of alternatives) to address organizational issues and or opportunities; Demonstrates sound judgement when
choosing among alternatives being sensitive to all implications; Uses experience, knowledge and data to make informed decisions regarding his/her work assignments; seeks maximum appropriate involvement in key stakeholders.
 Interpersonal Effectiveness - Creates and sustains respectful, inclusive positive working relationship. Promotes health, healing, hope and mutual respect with diverse colleagues, customers and communities. Advocates on behalf of the ill, vulnerable needy or disenfranchised. *Is approachable and friendly-is easy to get along with. *Behaves ethically with integrity, honesty and confidentiality *Demonstrates a fit between CHCM mission and core values and own sense of meaning.
 Problem Solving - Gathers, organizes and evaluates relevant information in order to assess situations, identify root causes to problems and evaluate alternative courses of actions. Actos promptly and decisively to address problems that arise; Asks the right questions to obtain the information needed to evaluate and solve problems; Seeks maximum appropriate involvement by collecting data from multiple sources when solving a problem
 Teamwork Collaboration - Demonstrates confidence that people working together bring insight and wisdom to achieving shared objectives, consistent with the organization's mission, vision and values. Has a reputation for being a team player and keeps out opportunities to collaborate with others; Demonstrates commitment to team goals and to the organization's vision and direction. Interacts constructively with members of the tem; Treats others with respect and compassion in all actions and decisions.
 Stewardship/Accountability (Justice) -Takes responsibility for results. Establishes clear plans and measures progress against established plans and goals in the context of the mission, vision and values. Utilizes CHCM resources for the common good of those serving and being served.
 Strategic Planning and Action (Justice) - Develops long range plans in alignment with the mission, vision and future direction of the organization

Reports to: Charge Nurse

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off


  • 12 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Night shift


  • inpatient psychiatric: 1 year (Required)


  • CNA (Required)

Application Question:

  • Do you have valid BCLS "Health Care Provider" CPR and ACLS cards?

Work Location:

  • One location


  • CNA

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneous
  • People-oriented -- enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects
  • Detail-oriented -- would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture
  • High stress tolerance -- thrives in a high-pressure environment

Company's website:

  • chc.la

Company's Facebook page:

  • https://www.chc.la/index.php?q=cosCareer

Work Remotely:

  • No