Packed with 22 updates, Meteor 1.11 includes major improvements in key areas. For full release notes visit the blog, as well as Meteor docs

Lets dive into some highlights: 

Performance Improvements:

Meteor had multiple PRs improving the performance of their build in different areas, including:

  • node_module watchers;
  • realpath usage;
  • enabled build in place on Windows;
  • reduced watchers and stats what saves CPU.

Cache your builds:

They've introduced a new option in their deploy command: --cache-build . Using it in your deploy command Meteor will re-use your bundle if your git repository is in the same commit as the last time you deployed. 

TL;DR: use --cache-build when deploying to Galaxy.


Apollo Skeleton + Vue Skeleton:

Want to start a new project with Meteor using Apollo in the data layer? Just run: meteor create myproject --apollo and you're good to go! 

They also now have a simple one line command to create a new project using Meteor and Vue: meteor create myproject --vue